Hi there…!
Llanw is a festival that brings Christians throughout Wales together in order to celebrate and deepen our relationship with the living God. There will be an opportunity to socialise, learn and worship with our fellow Christians. The festival is for everyone aged between 9 hours and 900 years old, there’s no excuse for not coming! Come to enjoy!

Date of Llanw 2024: 1-5 April

What happens at Llanw…
A service will be held every morning and evening at Gwersyll yr Urdd Llangrannon, and there will be an opportunity to take advantage of the leisure facilities at Llangrannog during the day, attend seminars on various subjects or go for a walk to visit the beautiful paths and villages in the area. Following the evening service there will be an opportunity to join in a further informal worship or an opportunity to relax and socialise over a hot cuppa.

There will be a full provision for children during the week, clubs during the services and freedom to enjoy Llangrannog activities such as swimming, karts and sking in the afternoon. It will be a family festival for the entire family of Christ. Individuals between 14 and 17 years old can attend the festival without their parents if a Church or Guardian is responsible for them.

For more information please contact us by emailing ymholiadau@llanw.org

There is a warm welcome for non-Welsh speakers. There will be translation services in all the main services.

Llanw 2024 tickets are now on sale for you to book your place. This year we are using the SumUp service which is a secure service for us to receive payments. After you have ordered your tickets and pay we will contact you at a later date to collect more details such as the names of everyone who is part of your order, the age of the children etc…

Prices for the whole festival
Includes accommodation, all meals, Llangrannog activities and access to all Llanw children and youth work, seminars:

Adult £200
Student £160
Child £50
Under 3 years Free
Family: 1 adult + 1 child £250
Family: 1 adult + 2 children £300
Family: 2 adult + 1 child £450
Family: 2 adults + 2 children £500
Family: 2 adults + 3 children £550

If you have more than 3 children in your family/party, buy a family ticket and then add an extra child’s ticket to the basket as well. Children’s tickets must be linked to a booking that includes adults who will be responsible for them.

We consider a person aged 3 to 17 to be a child. Babies under the age of three can come for free (but remember to let us know in advance that they are coming with you) and those who are 18 and over must register as an adult unless they are continuing in education then they can be registered as a student.

Order Llanw Tickets
Day Tickets
Remember that day visitors need to buy tickets in advance so that the catering staff know how much food is needed to prepare for each meal.
Adult 1 meal £34
Adult 2 meals £42
Child 1 meal £28
Child 2 meals £34
Order Llanw Day Tickets
If the cost is an obstacle for you to consider coming to Llanw then we have a special fund to offer a discount to some.

Contact Meirion Morris confidentially to inquire about this: meirion@llechwedd.cymru